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 Client sectors include:

  • Telecommunications (hardware/software)
  • Mobile Solutions (hardware/ software/ValueAddedServices)
  • IT (Cyber Security) Solutions (hardware/software/Managed Services)
  • Government


Cyber Threat Intelligence and Forensics - World’s Largest DNS Forensics Database


 Managed Services: Advanced Threat Protection, Vulnerability Assessments 2.0, Security/Regulatory Compliance                           Consulting, Incident Response, Security Monitoring Services, Intrusion Detection/Prevention, Penetration Testing, Data                           Loss Prevention, SIEM                www.esentire.com

    Interactive & programmable Cyber Range training platform)            www.vectorsynergy.com


Network Situational Awareness, Cybersecurity Analytics, Network Discovery and Mapping, Network Architecture                           Analytics, Network Segmentation Analytics                www.lumeta.com

Point-to-point Encryption systems, HSM and crypto processing devices, Secure Communication systems; Secure Payments systems; secure remote access solutions        www.ultra-electronics.com


Entrust Secure ID Solutions, Card personalization systems, Passport Systems & Security, Card Delivery and Fulfillment Systems, Plastic Card Printers, PKI, SSL, Multifactor Authentication, Physical/Logical Access, Digital                           Certificates & Signatures, Identity-Based Security        www.entrust.com

 Mobile VAS software, vehicle tracking systems       www.comunicando.biz


       Advanced maintenance tools for wireless service providers      http://3d-cellular.com


   IP telephony software applications, Unified Communications, Contact Centers, Networking        www.avaya.com


 European Commission        http://ec.europa.eu/


   United Nations Industrial Development Organization        www.unido.org